Canada's First Woobie Hoodie Manufacture - Made for life North of the 49th



First I want to thank you for your support without it we wouldn't be here.

So what is the BADMOFOCO?

Its an acronym

BAD - Broken and Distorted
MOFO - Motherfucker 
CO - Company (like the military unit not a business)

What do we do?

We help our fellow veterans with 10% of all sales going directly to the Veterans Association Food Bank in Calgary.

We also raise awareness for Veteran suicide prevention and mental health with the intent not just to sell bad ass apparel and outer wear.   But also in creating a community of like minded veterans and riders. (We got a woobie hoodie and a woobsie dropping in the new year, yep that's right a woobie onesie.)

Motorcycle Connections

Like many veterans and supporters I ride motorcycles for therapy.  I'm also active in the motorcycle community as a photographer and content creator for Calgary Harley Davidson, and other local moto gear companies.  

I am deeply passionate about the culture and the lifestyle around both my military service and my V Twin.  That's why I created the BADMOFOCO, so we have a place to celebrate our culture and empower our peers.